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Applied Building Approvals (ABA) offers a comprehensive range of building certification services - from residential to commercial and industrial. As experienced, knowledgeable and professional building certifiers, ABA often partner with builders and owners at the initial design phase to provide advice, with the bulk of our activity occurring prior to building commencement followed by inspections to ensure compliance. ABA was in need of a cloud based solution to replace the Microsoft Access Database they were using. The benefits of an online solution allowed certifiers to be able to access information about on site through their iPads instead of carrying bulky folders with site plans to each site. Using an online solution also allowed ABA to streamline communication to the office whilst automating many tasks like form generation and onsite certification. Migration of past jobs into online system was done which allowed the old system to be locked and made redundant.


New modern interface Doubles as portal to their custom built CRM Ability to generate forms and certificates Analytics and workflow reporting Responsive design to allow viewing of CRM information through iPAD and Mobile Devices


Applied Building Approvals